Real Estate

  • Drafting of contracts in the Property Law field (sales, purchase options, assignments and leaseholds).
  • Sale and purchase of all types of property.
  • Consultancy in contracting matters.
  • Civil liability for construction matters.
  • Associated administrative work and complementary services.

Civil Law

We are aware of the fact that the client needs to receive top-quality professional service that could also cater for any possible contingencies. Therefore, our trustworthy team of professionals will also assist you in this area, whatever your query

Family Law matters, claim of sums, civil contracts or inheritance and testamentary proceedings constitute the services most commonly required by our clients.

Fiscal and Tax Law

In the framework of the current Fiscal and Tax Law, the law firm Torrero Abogados y Asociados will advice you on the management of your estate or your company's, by favouring your understanding of the complex fiscal and tax systems.

Our fiscal and accounting department will take charge of ensuring your peace of mind by arranging payment of taxes for which either individuals or legal persons are liable.

You may find below certain taxes whose payment and supervision are commonly entrusted to our department:

  • Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales (I.T.P.) (Transfer Tax)
  • Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido (I.V.A.) (Value Added Tax)
  • Actos jurídicos documentados (A.J.D.) (Stamp Duty)
  • Impuesto sobre Sucesiones y Donaciones (Inheritance and Gift Tax)
  • Impuesto sobre la Renta de No Residentes (Income Tax of Non-Residents)
  • Impuesto sobre Renta de las Personas Físicas (Personal Income Tax)
  • Impuesto sobre el Patrimonio (Personal Wealth Tax)
  • Real Estate Tax Law
  • Municipal Taxation

Company Law

We can assist you in Incorporations of all type of companies, Mergers, Adquisitions, Splits Off, Winding Up of Companies. partners agreement, legal Secretaryship and advising the bodies of corporations.